Automatically integrate your Salesforce and NetSuite data

Reduce manual input. Increase data integrity. Improve productivity.

Integrate the most frequently shared data between your Salesforce and NetSuite applications.


  • Create NetSuite item when a new Salesforce product is created.

  • Set Salesforce product as active when item setup complete in NetSuite.

  • Sync product updates such as name or customer-facing display changes to NetSuite.


  • Update NetSuite customers automatically when Salesforce account data changes (Company Name, Address, etc.)

  • Update Salesforce accounts when a NetSuite customer is on finance hold.

  • Send outstanding balance information from NetSuite to Salesforce.


  • Automatically create new orders in NetSuite when Opportunities are Closed/Won in Salesforce.

  • Update Salesforce with NetSuite transaction data such as Invoices and Payments.

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