Streamline your business processes with integration automation.

Reduce manual input. Increase data integrity. Improve productivity.

Share data between virtually all of your critical applications.

Integration Automation Sample Flowchart

How might integration automation benefit your business?

Some Common Benefits By Department…


  • Reduce requests for customer AR information.

  • Create Orders directly from external systems without the need for manual data entry.

  • Automatically sync product data with external systems.


  • Display account invoice, payment, and outstanding balance information within CRM.

  • Automatically transmit closed-won sales data to Finance team.

  • Import leads from website into CRM in real-time, greatly reducing lead response time.


  • Automatically create new support Cases from website submissions.

  • Sync Case-Incident data between CRM and internal support tracking systems.

  • Determine support eligibility based on financial status from Finance software.

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Typical lead integration automation.

We Improve Our Clients’ Bottom Line and User Experience through Automation.

We’re A True Partner

Following implementation of your automated integration processes, we remain as your partner providing support and enhancements, as needed. From the occasional tweak of an existing process to a managed services agreement, we are committed to supporting your business processes.

Proprietary Systems

If your business utilizes proprietary or in-house systems, they may be eligible for integration with external systems. We can work with your development team to design the appropriate system to interact with your proprietary business systems. Fill out our contact form for a discovery call to learn more.

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