Sync your financial data between Salesforce and NetSuite

Put critical customer data in front of sales and support staff.

Our NetSuite to Salesforce transaction integration makes NetSuite transaction data such as invoices and payments available within Salesforce

Financial Transaction Integration Admin Page

Automatically migrate the data you want available in Salesforce

  • Automatic matching between NetSuite Customers and Salesforce Accounts. Match on Customer / Account name, or other field pairings. Once linked, transactions can flow to Salesforce.

  • Integrate any of Invoice, Credit, Payment, or Sales Order records from NetSuite. Invoice PDFs can also be integrated, if desired. Custom fields can be integrated as well.

  • NetSuite records are automatically integrated when created or updated. As payments and credits are applied to invoices, the invoice status and amount remaining are updated in Salesforce.

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Improve efficiency of customer facing teams

  • Make NetSuite invoice status available to sales and support teams, allowing them to take appropriate actions on current or overdue customers.

  • Report on NetSuite transaction data from within Salesforce accounts, including summary level data via rollups (total outstanding balance, amount overdue, etc.)

  • Eliminate or reduce requests made to your finance team for updated payment or invoice data.

  • Invoice PDFs can be shared with customers from within Salesforce. No more waiting for a pdf to be downloaded and emailed from a NetSuite resource.

Financial Transaction Integration Sample Invoice
Financial Transaction Integration Flow

Our NetSuite to Salesforce transaction integration product is new and being released to a limited audience

Consider participating in our early release test group

  • Beta group participants can use the utility free of charge for 6 months.

  • Tavasca resources will install and configure the utility for free in a sandbox or production environment.