Dynamically Link to External Application Records From Within NetSuite Production and Sandbox Environments.

NetSuite customers often integrate data from external systems into NetSuite. Users working within NetSuite frequently need to navigate to the external records to validate data or gather additional information. This is often addressed using a formula field to create a hyperlink field linking the external source within NetSuite. Users simply click on the link to navigate to the related external system record.

What’s wrong with this approach:

For those organizations utilizing sandbox environments, this can cause issues following a refresh from production to the sandbox.. The formula field from production now directs sandbox users to external production records due to the fact the formula field still has the external production URLs. Production data is inadvertently modified by users thinking they were working in a test environment.

For our users utilizing production and sandbox NetSuite accounts, we’ve created a script to populate external URL fields within NetSuite, recognizing if the link exists in a sandbox or production environment. The script utilizes user defined parameters to dynamically update the external URL field accordingly. When running in a production environment, the production URLs are presented. When running in a sandbox, destination sandbox URLs are displayed.

Problems solved using this approach:

  • Sandbox refreshes will no longer direct test users to production data.
  • Destination URLs are variable, so all sandbox records can be repointed to a different destination with a single update.

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