Create CSV File From NetSuite Saved Search

Our users occasionally request the ability to export or integrate csv files from NetSuite to external systems. For some, a simple scheduled saved search emailed as a csv file may suffice. For others, a more automated approach is needed. For those needing an automated solution, we’ve developed a NetSuite saved search to csv script to take the results of any saved search and save the results as a csv file in the file cabinet.

Files saved to the file cabinet can then be downloaded or processed by many popular integration services to be integrated to external systems such as Amazon S3, Sharepoint, or an FTP server. The script can be scheduled to execute using standard NetSuite scheduling with frequencies as often as every 15 minutes.

Why not execute the saved search from the integration:

Many integration applications provide the ability to execute a saved search directly and forward the results to external systems. While this works fine for many use cases, there are a few exceptions. 

Some searches are long running and tie up valuable integration resources while they execute. In addition, searches with large result sets require additional web service calls to NetSuite to gather paged results. This takes time and can delay other integration processes.

If your search utilizes formula columns in the results, these columns may not be included in the search results as web services don’t support formula columns at the time of this post.

Script Features

  1. Select any Saved Search as a Data Source
  2. Customize CSV Filename
  3. Select File Cabinet Folder

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