Why Should I Automatically Integrate My Website Leads?

If your business is one of many that uses WordPress to host your website, you may have lead forms for potential customers to inquire about your business and its offerings. Are you utilizing automation to integrate website leads to external systems like a CRM or email marketing app? Website leads can be automatically integrated to many applications without the need for human intervention.

Elapsed time from submission to contact is critical to your sales team’s success, so the quicker leads are put in front of sales resources, the better the chances of closing the sale. With automated integration processes in place, leads are immediately distributed to appropriate sales team members upon submission, reducing time to initial contact. No manual entry is required to move a new lead from your site or an email into your sales system.

Website Lead to External System

Why Integrate Website Leads to External Systems?

How Do I Automate My Website Leads?

Our team will work with you to automatically integrate website leads to external systems. We can export lead data to multiple applications, when required. For example, we can export data to a CRM system such as Salesforce or Dynamics 365, add a row to a Google sheet, and send a notification to a chat system such as a Slack sales channel. All these events occur with no manual intervention required. How could your organization benefit from streamlined automation? Contact us using the form below to schedule a complimentary call.

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