Delete NetSuite Records in Bulk Using Our Free Suitelet Utility.

Many of our NetSuite customers occasionally have a need to delete records in bulk. While NetSuite provides some basic methods to accomplish this, we have developed a Suitelet to assist users that may have a large number of records to be deleted. We are offering this utility free of charge to NetSuite users.

The Suitelet utilizes Saved Searches to determine the records to be deleted. Once installed, any Saved Search with a particular naming convention can be used to determine the records to be deleted. In an effort to protect against accidentally deleting unintended records, Saved Searches must be named with a [Bulk Delete] prefix to be eligible for the Bulk Delete process. This ensures only those Saved Searches intentionally developed to delete records are eligible for the Bulk Delete process.

Upon opening the Suitelet, the user is prompted to choose a Saved Search from a list of searches that meet the naming convention. Once a search is selected, the Suitelet informs the user of the number of records to be deleted based on the search results. Clicking the Submit Deletes button will initiate the delete process.

Interested in trying our Bulk Delete utility? Download for free using the form below. Upon submitting the form, an email will be sent to the email address provided with download instructions.

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