View NetSuite Transaction Data in Salesforce With Our NetSuite to Salesforce Transaction Integration Utility.

We are happy to announce the beta availability of our NetSuite to Salesforce Transaction Integration utility. As part of this beta, we are offering the utility to selected users free of charge for 6 months in exchange for participating in our beta program.

What Is It?

Many of our NetSuite customers utilize Salesforce as their CRM application, and those users often have a need for visibility into customer financials. Typically, Salesforce users request current financial data from the finance team to learn outstanding invoice balances, unbilled orders, etc. We’ve developed our integration product to integrate transaction data from NetSuite to Salesforce, putting critical customer information in front of sales and support teams without the need to request data from finance.

How Does it Work?

When selected transaction types are created or updated in NetSuite, they are integrated to Salesforce and associated with the account related to the NetSuite customer. Users have the option to include the invoice PDF for full visibility into what was delivered to the customer. As payments and credits are applied to invoices, the outstanding invoice amount and status are updated in Salesforce.

What to Expect in the Beta?

Upon enrollment in the beta program, a Tavasca resource will install the required components in both Salesforce and NetSuite at no expense to the participant. Once installed and configured, Tavasca will assist with any support issues or questions users may have.  Our goal is to work with users to learn their feedback and experience using the utility. This application works in both sandbox and production environments.

Below is a sample of an invoice in Salesforce integrated from NetSuite.

Interested in participating in our beta test program? Great! Fill out the form below and we will be in touch. Note: space is limited as we are working with a small group of testers while we address any issues reported.

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